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I bet right now you’re feeling overwhelmed with information overload.

Or maybe you’ve been so preoccupied finding out the best protocols for your birth that you forgot to prepare for the entirely new world that comes afterward– postpartum.

There’s so much noise to sift out when stepping into this sacred new role.

Luckily, there’s an ancestral roadmap, just waiting for mothers like you to return to.

How would your postpartum be different if you had nurturing support, were guided by ancestral and holistic wisdom, and felt prepared for this next phase of your feminine journey?

Imagine being able to experience a nurtured, blissful, and connected postpartum without the depleting and isolating period where you feel overwhelmed and unsupported.

Let's do it!

Nurtured: A Mother’s Ancestral Guide to a Blissful Postpartum


An approach to postpartum that allows you to feel cherished when transitioning into motherhood

Spending my entire adult life abroad, living all over the world has taught me many things...

The most important was a lesson of how far we as a culture have strayed from our roots when we approach postpartum, to our own detriment
Many doula services spend a very short time on postpartum as a whole, which leaves many mothers with unanswered questions and lack of sufficient support in this critical stage
My approach takes the holistic and ancestral traditions I’ve been fortunate enough to be trained in and help you apply these methods in your postpartum preparations so that you can experience the fourth trimester as it was intended to be: nurtured

Nurtured: A Mother’s Ancestral Guide to Blissful Postpartum is the first of it’s kind that not only teaches you about how to apply nurturing, traditional practices to your fourth trimester, but also teaches you how to navigate common breastfeeding issues or facing the modern difficulties of new parenthood in this fast-paced world.

What makes my virtual program at Ashley Nao Doula different than any other service?

You’ll learn how to build your trusted community of support no matter where in the world you live, uncover the ancient and holistic wisdom that helps replenish a mother’s body, mind, and spirit in postpartum, given tools on how to lay the ground work and make a plan, and the breastfeeding essentials that will be key to experiencing a nurturing postpartum. 

Experience postpartum bliss...

▶︎   Through my signature C.A.L.M protocol you’ll feel loving connection and support through community, immerse yourself in the wisdom of ancestral and holistic practices, lay the groundwork, and milk & nurture

  • Flexible and self-paced postpartum guidance in this fast-paced culture
  •  Access to quality training and ancient wisdom no matter where you are in the world
▶︎   Feel the support of your community through 6 months of Virtual Group Coaching and Sister Circles
  • Alternating weekly calls; one for classes on breastfeeding, natural birth, and postpartum recovery topics
  • Your questions deserve answer, tap into the wealth of knowledge with an expert postpartum specialist and the perspectives of the group
  • Mothers/Sister’s Circle for connecting, sharing birth stories, chat about new discoveries and feminine healing, ancestral wisdom
  • Receive the support of a loving community with parents who share your birth philosophy
  • Feel connected, encouraged, and held accountable while being embraced by an uplifting community
  • Be able to maintain that intimate postpartum bubble during this vulnerable time without feeling so isolated due to the flexible, virtual nature of the program
  • This program will carry you through your third to fourth trimester with ongoing support
▶︎   Full Access to My Resources
  • Expand your knowledge while avoiding information overload with my clear and concise library
  • FAQ for when you need your questions answered immediately
  • DIY natural birth planning, postpartum, and mother’s blessing templates
  • Video tutorials for more visual directions (breastfeeding, belly binding, etc.)

Here’s what’s inside my signature online postpartum and breastfeeding program:

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"I had my session with Ashley months ago and got the best advice for my postpartum era. Seriously. We Indonesian, who rarely get support during our postpartum, need a doula to help us recover in mind and physical. And she's the best, you won't regret it!"
-S. Adriene

"[I] got the best advice for my postpartum era"

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Your new Virtual Postpartum Doula

Hey, I’m Ashley Naomi

I’ve been on a mission to revive the sacred spirit of the feminine that seems to have been lost through the generations. Restoring the connection between the maiden, mother, and matriarch archetypes has become a profoundly personal journey, despite my own journey into motherhood still lying ahead. My early years were deeply entwined with the lives of mothers and families, working as a nanny and 'mother's helper.' Those experiences have left an impact in my pursuit as a doula today. A give and take between soaking up the wisdom passed down to me from the mother and matriarch in exchange for my energy, encouragement, and loving support.

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery at 18, I left behind the conventional path to immerse myself in diverse cultures and languages across the globe. Embracing a remote work lifestyle while living abroad, I witnessed varying approaches to family, birth, and postpartum traditions. Across five continents I watched as specific cultures worked to preserve the sanctity lost in most societies.

In my quest to bridge the gap between cultural wisdom and the challenges faced by mothers in the West, I became a dedicated advocate for empowering natural birth and postpartum experiences. Drawing inspiration from my early days as a yoga teacher, I delved into the realms of the divine feminine, seeking a holistic understanding that transcended societal constraints.

The dichotomy of the 'good girl' archetype, swaying between conformity and authenticity, fueled my determination to redefine femininity. I recognized the need for a balanced expression of the feminine—a blend of strength and vulnerability, protection and softness. This balanced approach, I realized, was crucial for mothers navigating the profound journey of birth and postpartum.

My journey has also been shaped by my mother's experiences. Her dedication to early childhood education and her challenging childbirth stories, including a cesarean birth and emotionally taxing pregnancies, propelled me toward a career as a doula. Witnessing her struggles and the lack of support her and my father received, I became committed to ensuring that mothers, are provided the reassurance, nurturing, and wisdom they deserve during this vulnerable time.

In essence, my brand is rooted in the celebration of the divine feminine, guided by a commitment to empower mothers globally with the knowledge, support, and compassion they need to embrace the sacredness of birth and postpartum. My mother's story, a reminder of the importance of care and understanding during this transformative period, remains at the heart of my mission as a virtual postpartum doula.

My Story

Nurtured: A Mother’s Ancestral Guide to Blissful Postpartum is absolutely PERFECT for you if:

Let's do it!

  • You want to feel nourished and well-supported in postpartum
  • You resonate with ancestral and holistic “crunchier” methods to aid in your recovery
  • You desire to exclusively breastfeed and enjoy your journey to its fullest
  • You want to feel confident and prepared for your fourth trimester
  • You crave the connection of a loving community that gives you flexible and remote access to support and allows you to keep your own space intimate
  • You’ve previously experienced a postpartum where you felt disconnected, overlooked, overwhelmed, and resentful
  • You’re worried about the overwhelming transition as a first time mom
  • You lack amazing resources in your area and don’t want to miss out on critical postpartum wisdom
  • You love to learn online, share, and connect with families who choose an alternative path to parenthood
  • You want to learn how to tackle common postpartum challenges lovingly, as a unit in your relationship

Why now?

In my FREE ‘Why We Prepare’ postpartum guidebook, we dive into what we sacrifice when we don’t plan ahead during this critical time

Bonding and connection with your family
Breastfeeding success
Less birthing interventions
Feeling nurtured in your relationship
Effecient physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery

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How can I benefit from this program if the experience is entirely online?

See my FREE ‘Virtual Doula Handbook’ to see if a virtual doula experience is right for you

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Who is this program best for?

  • Families looking for flexible, online resources who don’t want to sacrifice the quality of personal, expert care
  • Families who live abroad or away from their regular support system, or are seeking an alternate route of care that isn’t typical for their area
  • Families who love keeping their space private, but also desire access to excellent support and knowledge
  • Families who desire guidance on how to give their partner a more active role in their support system

  • Optimal timing is just as you’re approaching your third trimester, this will give you time to complete the six-week program, enjoy connecting on the calls, and receive all the loving support you and your family need during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Typically, members will enjoy the program for the 3 (+) months of the third trimester and approx. 3 months of your fourth trimester (postpartum)

When should I begin the program?

  • Attending all group coaching calls is optional, but encouraged. 
  • If there’s a date that most members cannot attend the call, you’ll have the option to proceed with the 1:1 session or attend the optional/rescheduled call on the other date
  • There are two bi-weekly options open for group coaching classes and one slot open for sister connection calls, here’s how they would look in a calendar:

What happens if I cannot attend group coaching and sister circle calls?

  • The payment options that are available are a one-time fee of $1855 CAD or two payments of $975 CAD. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to enroll with a payment plan, you are 100% responsible for honoring your commitment and completing all of your payments. Payment plans are offered as a courtesy and can not be canceled. This is not a "cancel anytime" or a “pay what you want” offer

Do you offer payment plans?

additional / add-on support is a feature that is possible depending on my availability and your support needs, please schedule a free consultation with me so we can assess together what you require

Will you also attend my birth?

  • My curriculum takes you through my signature C.A.L.M protocol that outlines the importance of community support, ancestral and holistic wisdom, laying your foundation, and ‘milk & nurture’ aka breastfeeding education
  • The content will be presented to you in the form of videos, presentations, some live events, work sheets, journal prompts, meditations, discussion questions, reading material, and fun activities

What is the curriculum like?

  • The course is distributed as a ‘drip’ method weekly, it is a self-paced 6-week program. You will have lifetime access to this. Group coaching is available for 6 months following your purchase date. This can be extended for a monthly membership fee.

Do I have lifetime access to the program and group coaching?

All course participants can receive a free 30min consultation with me where we can go over what level of 1:1 virtual support is right for them (additional birth & postpartum planning, virtual labour support, phone talk text email support) as a package add-on

What if I need more 1:1 support?

"Such a great consultant to talk with"

"I'd like to say thank you again, because when I talked to you like we did today was really helpful and made me calmer and more comfy. [Ashley is] such a great consultant to talk with, really"
- Syelly

I’m ready, Ashley!

Let's do it!

About Your Instructor

Hey, I'm Ashley Naomi, a full spectrum doula specializing in homebirth and postpartum care, certified lactation counselor, and gentle sleep consultant. With a background in holistic nutrition and a red seal chef, I bring a unique blend of culinary expertise and nutritional insight to support mothers and their little ones. As a hatha and vinyasa yoga teacher, I emphasize mind-body connection for overall wellness. Originally from Canada, I've chosen Bali as my home, drawing on a life spent traveling the world and living abroad while having the pleasure of serving families virtually. Beyond doula work, I'm an avid longboard surfer, pilates enthusiast, painter, and love spending quality time with my loved ones. Let's journey through motherhood together, honoring the sacred feminine every step of the way.

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