Birth Philosophy

Dream it.

I see a blueprint for optimal childbirth. One that allows pregnancy, labour, and postpartum to progress well-supported and undisturbed. More importantly, guiding you to trust that your body can handle any challenges that come your way, even if an alternate route to your ideal birth takes place. 

My goal as your Virtual Doula is to arm you with resources, knowledge, and support so that you can feel confident throughout this sacred journey. Whether you seek education and clarity in creating your plan, guidance on listening to your inner voice, or just an encouraging birth worker in your corner, I will be offering judgment-free consulting and a listening ear.

Build it.

Parents have the right to understand all possible interventions surrounding their birth, so they can make an informed decision for their family. My purpose as a birth worker is to help restore a more traditional perspective (even in a modern, virtual setting), that birth is not a medical emergency; to advocate for normal birth whenever possible.

Mothers and fathers also deserve the privacy and comfort of their own homes while receiving encouragement and support. With Ashley Nao Doula, together, we can create space for birth to progress in its own unique way. Keeping your prenatal, labour, and postpartum experience intimate, with the soothing reassurance of a remote doula. Let’s allow for a mother’s body, and its perfect orchestration of functions to naturally bring new life onto the Earth.

Grow it.

As a homebirth and postpartum birth worker, I dedicate my time to helping you plan your birth and postpartum, so when your new addition arrives you can soak up all of your time with your new addition instead of scrambling to figure out how to straddle life responsibilities with new mom duties. I also arm you with knowledge so in the rare case of a hospital transfer, you feel secure with each choice you make along the way.

I will cheer you on, pray with you, lead you into movement practices, listen to you, witness you, and be your companion through your birth journey. I am here to remind you of what a mother’s body is capable of. It was designed to support birth, and I am grateful to play a role in supporting you as a mother and your family.

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Experience a Blissful, Connected Postpartum without the neverending cycle of feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for what is to come.

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"I had my session with Ashley months ago and got the best advice for my postpartum era. Seriously. We Indonesian, who rarely get support during our postpartum, need a doula to help us recover in mind and physical. And she's the best, you won't regret it!"
-S. Adriene

"[I] got the best advice for my postpartum era"

"My baby also loves her already"

"I didn't expect that Ashley would be this detailed to help me through postpartum[...] my baby also loves her already. She really enjoyed Ashleey holding her, I can tell" 
-Kalu's Momma

"Such a great consultant to talk with"

"I'd like to say thank you again, because when I talked to you like we did today was really helpful and made me calmer and more comfy. [Ashley is] such a great consultant to talk with, really"
- Syelly

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