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Are you a new mom looking to improve your breastfeeding latch for a more comfortable and successful nursing experience? Let’s dive deep with eight essential tips to help you achieve a better latch and ensure a more enjoyable breastfeeding journey for both you and your baby.

These tips are especially great to run through in your final trimester of pregnancy. Having a good idea of what a comfortable breastfeeding latch looks like and feels like from the get-go will help save you from some of the most common difficulties.

  1. Ensure Proper Hip and Feet Position: To start, it’s essential to position your baby’s hips in a flexed manner, with their knees higher than their bottom. Make sure their feet are well-supported, allowing them to push against a surface for added stability.
  2. Tummy-to-Tummy Positioning: Remember the golden rule of “tummy-to-tummy” positioning. This means that your baby’s chest should be directly facing yours for optimal alignment.
  3. Gentle Neck Support: Provide gentle support to the base of your baby’s neck, ensuring that there’s no pressure on their head. This freedom of movement allows them to turn their head comfortably when needed.
  4. “Nose-to-Nipple” Technique: When bringing your baby up to your breast, keep in mind the mantra “nose-to-nipple.” This phrase helps you ensure that your baby latches onto the breast at the correct spot, maximizing their latch success.
  5. Unrestricted Hand Movement: Check that your baby’s hands are not restricted by anything, allowing them to move and massage your breast if necessary. This can contribute to a more comfortable breastfeeding experience.
  6. Avoid Crouching: Instead of crouching down to your baby, always bring them up to your breast. This prevents you from adopting a straining posture and ensures a better latch. Consider using a nursing pillow for added comfort and support during feeding sessions.
  7. Asymmetrical Latch: When your baby latches onto your breast, it should appear asymmetrical. Most of their mouth should encompass your nipple and the bottom part of your breast. This ensures that they have a good grasp.
  8. Engagement and Interaction: Finally, remember that breastfeeding is not just about the physical latch. It’s also a time for bonding and interaction with your baby. Engage with your baby, maintain eye contact, and cherish these moments of connection.

Improving your breastfeeding latch is a crucial step in ensuring a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding experience. By following these eight essential tips, you can create a more comfortable and satisfying nursing journey for both you and your baby. Don’t forget to save this post for later reference, and if you have any postpartum or breastfeeding questions, feel free to comment or view my services page for personalized 1:1 care. We’re here to support you on your breastfeeding journey!

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January 9, 2024

8 essential tips for improving your breastfeeding latch: a guide for moms

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