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There were a lot of breastfeeding myths I had to unlearn once I became a birth worker and lactation counsellor. Myth after myth was debunked, but what was left was tangible practices I could provide my clients with that would genuinely support their milk supply in the long run. Here are some evidence-based easy fixes you can make to help support an abundant flow of milk for your young ones.

1. Start off With a Good Latch

The best way to avoid breastfeeding frustration is to start strong and receive guidance and support from the very beginning. Your birth team or postpartum support should teach you how to ensure that your baby is latched on well. This will save you from experiencing a lot of pain and frustration, and in turn, help you feel the bliss that you’re meant to while breastfeeding your baby.

2. Avoid Long Feeding Sessions

Studies show that mothers who have longer feeding sessions have less frequent feeds but a lower yield of milk transfer (i.e., the amount of milk your baby receives). There is a misconception that longer feeds might indicate more opportunities for your baby to receive fattier milk at the end of nursing. Contrary to that belief, on average, babies receive the fattiest milk when they have shorter, more frequent feeds.

3. Soak up LOTS of Skin-to-Skin Time

Being close to your baby 24/7 will certainly benefit your milk supply. Why is this? Touch from your baby promotes heightened levels of oxytocin. So, actions like a hand massage on your breast from your baby will release more oxytocin in your body, which enhances the milk flow.

4. Ditch Scheduled Feedings

As mentioned above, the frequency and duration of feeds directly correlate with the rate of milk transfer. For exclusively breastfed babies, the optimal range for nursing is between 10 and 12 times within a 24-hour period. So, instead of adhering to a strict schedule, consider adopting a more responsive approach. This will allow you to tap into your maternal instincts and be attentive to the different hunger cues your baby may exhibit. It is truly remarkable to witness!

5. Don’t Wait to Seek Support

Taking things back to our first point, early initiation with a comfortable latch is key. However, receiving ideal support from the get-go to help you assess and understand how breastfeeding works will have a lasting effect on your breastfeeding relationship. So, if you need some additional one-on-one support, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation or check out our postpartum resources.
A mother’s body was made to withstand the most extreme circumstances while still being able to nourish her babies without depleting her own body too much. However, when feedings are less frequent or your baby is kept too far away, your body receives the signal that less milk needs to be produced.

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January 3, 2024

Easy fixes to stop interrupting your breastmilk supply

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"[I] got the best advice for my postpartum era"

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"I didn't expect that Ashley would be this detailed to help me through postpartum[...] my baby also loves her already. She really enjoyed Ashleey holding her, I can tell" 
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